Garth In North Carolina, October 2012

The following events have been the result of a blog I started a year ago challenging Garth Clark's views presented in his provocative address of 2008 titled "How Art Envy Killed the Craft Movement: An Autopsy in Two Parts."  My primary point of course has been that at least in the state of NC, the craft movement still lives perhaps even thrives, particularly in the field of ceramics.  Garth will visit to learn more about our state's ceramic heritage and inform us about his view as a critic looking at the challenges that potters and ceramic artists face in the twenty-first century.  These programs will be lively and informative for all who work in clay or appreciate and collect pottery and ceramic art.  

Garth Clark is considered by many to be one of the great contemporary critics and writers in the field of ceramics.  South African by birth, he has lived in the US since the mid nineteen-seventies.  He ran galleries in LA and NYC with his partner Mark del Vecchio for thirty years.  He has been a prolific writer and advocate of ceramics in all its forms, and has lectured all over the world.  This affords the state of NC and its potters a unique opportunity to exchange ideas with one of our field’s brightest thinkers.

 Schedule of Events:

October 16th in Charlotte (10:00AM-3:00PM):  Garth will deliver the keynote lecture in a symposium called “Traditional Pottery: Back to the Future,” presented by the Delhom Service League at the Mint Museum’s Randolph Road location.  After Garth’s lecture there will be ample time for audience participation.   The keynote address will be preceded by shorter presentations by Matt Jones, Mark Hewitt and Charlotte Brown Wainwright.  Reservations will be required, and there will be a fee to cover lunch.  Contact: Barbara Perry at


October 18th in Raleigh (6:00-8:00PM):  Garth will deliver a lecture on the subject of traditional pottery, its present and future, and host questions from the audience.  Event will be held at the Gregg Museum at NC State University.  2610 Cates Ave, 2nd floor Talley Student Center


October 20th In Asheville (2:00-4:00PM):  Garth will participate in a panel discussion moderated by Andrew Glasgow.  Other panelists will include Mark del Vecchio (writer and gallerist), Mark Hewitt (potter), and Jean Mclaughlin (executive director of the Penland School of Craft).  The event will be hosted by UNCA and the Center for Craft Creativity and Design and held on the campus of UNCA in the Highsmith Union Rms 223-224 (adjoining).







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