Welcome to our updated website!

A Work in Progress:


For years I have wanted to update the website, and for years I have put off the task, until it seemed my site was no longer relevant.  I am trying to rectify the situation by learning to design and edit my own new site.  I hope you will enjoy this effort and that I can pull it off.  I'm sure there will be some glitches along the way, so bear with me and check in for some new information from time to time.



As I endeavor to improve my web presence, I will continue to engage myself in the studio, striving to make pots that captivate me.

This is a constantly evolving process. What I am producing now seems quite different from the pots I was making five years ago, but the formal and decorative achievements of today grew from the seeds I planted years ago.



 New ideas occasionally emerge from my unconscious mind, but more commonly, I find myself recombining strands in new ways.

In the case of this pot, I started with a vase shape inspired by a nineteenth century North Carolina preserve jar.  The glaze is a traditional alkaline, but the banded slip trailing has more in common with 18th century Moravian redware of the western piedmont.  The pattern of diamonds and triangles is inspired by African textiles, most specifically Kuba cloth, woven by the Kuba people of the northern congo. 


Please feel free to contact me by going to the "Mailing List" button on the toolbar at the top of the page and sending a secure email.  You might also like to sign in there to get on our mailing list.  This will allow us to send you announcements on email and/or postcards apprising you of our biannual Kiln Opening pottery sales here in Sandy Mush.

--Matt Jones