Spring Kiln Opening 2019:

please join us for our kiln opening in Big Sandy Mush 

Saturday, June 1: 9AM - 5PM and 

Sunday, June 2: 12PM - 5PM


Holiday Kiln Opening 2018:

Where has the time gone?

I am baffled that 20 years have passed since our first kiln opening here in Sandy Mush, Leicester, NC!

December 1st: 9am - 5pm

December 2nd: 12pm - 5pm

Spring Kiln Opening 2018:

June 2nd: 9am - 5pm

June 3rd: 12pm - 5pm

     Hope you can join us!



Spring Kiln Opening 2016:

June 4th: 9am to 5pm

June 5th: 12pm to 5pm

Hope you can make it!



Holiday Kiln Opening 2015

We hope to see you here!

Spring Kiln Opening 2015

We hope you can join us!


Holiday Kiln Opening 2014

Saturday December 6, 9am - 5pm

Sunday, December 7, 12pm - 5pm

please join us for our weekend open house and pottery sale.




The Book is Finished!

Over a year in the making, I am pleased to announce that the book is finally ready for sale.  This book began with a fundraising campaign to establish a budget of what I could spend for photography, editing, layout and design help and of course printing.  I was able to produce a book of 72 pages with almost as many photographs and have printed 250 copies.  Of that number I have sent out copies to all of the contributors and set aside copies for family and friends, leaving me with 150 to sell.  

What's in the book?  What's it all about?

Great Question.  The book is made up of five essays covering a variety of themes, but its primary focus is to proclaim that potting has endured thus far and is likely to persist even into an unknowable future.  My purpose in writing these essays is to counter the rather bleak outlook of academics and critics who suggest that pottery is over or somehow irrelevant in the twenty-first century.  There is also an essay about clay itself and another about the curious history of face jugs in the Carolinas and North Georgia.  There are several excellent black and white photo essays (photographed by the talented Naomi Johnson) covering my process of making, from mixing clay to turning large pots using a coil and throw method, and decorating and loading and firing the kiln.  And of course there are color photographs (by Tim Barnwell) throughout which feature finished work.

Sounds wonderful, but where can I purchase a copy?

Another great question.  Due to the realtively small number of copies, I will handle all the sales myself.  They will of course be available at my Kiln Openings and at shows I attend, but I will also process orders for online customers.  If you would like to purchase a copy, you can call me with a credit card and shipping address or send me a check in the mail.  The book is reasonably priced at $25, and shipping and handling is $5, so for customers outside NC, the cost is $30.00.  For NC customers I must charge tax, bringing the cost to $31.75.

For credit card sales call: (828) 683-2705                                                                  If you reach my answering machine leave your phone number so I can call you back.   Conduct business with my wife or me, but not my children (even though they sound very mature)

If you want to send a check made out to Jones Pottery along with the address where you would like the book sent, send it to:

Jones Pottery 

209 Big Sandy Mush Rd.

Leicester, NC 28748



Summer 2013

At The North Carolina Arboretum in Asheville